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Glass Tiles
6 inch X 6 inch Glass Floor Tile Bison Coat
Found in: Glass Tiles
6" bison textured glass floor tile blank small image
Price: $17.00
Code: TWG6X6
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12 inch X 12 inch Glass Floor Tile Bison Coat
Found in: Glass Tiles
12" crystle glass tile blank for custom printing small image
Price: $44.10
Code: TWG12X12
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Bison (2)
King Coat (6)
Bison Coating Logo
Bison Coating
is the only RN Certified tile coating plant in the United States. The RN Coatings were developed by U.S. Photo Coatings and are of the highest quality for sublimation coatings. The coating line resides within the 18,000 square foot home of Bison Coating & Supply in Joplin, MO. Every tile is cleaned and prepped by hand. The polymer coating is applied in an automated spray booth to insure consistent thickness and quality.
Glass Tiles

Leave the two-dimensional world of ceramic tile behind and explore the three-dimensional brilliance of Glass Tiles!

Unlike ceramic and other printed tiles, our glass tiles are printed on the backside which offers ultimate protection to your print along with a depth unattainable from the surface print of ceramic or other printed tiles.

Whether you’re looking for a Crystal Clear Glass tile to add elegance in a wall mural or as a stand alone insert our smooth Crystal Glass tiles featuring King Coat™ for maximum durability will make a perfect choice.

If it is a floor application or perhaps just a textured effect, then our Bison Glass floor tiles are manufactured just for you. Of course these floor tiles can be used anyplace where you would use a 6” x 6” or 12” x 12” tiles (not just for floors)

When installed as a dynamic alternative to ordinary floor covering they are suitable for high-traffic residential and commercial applications such as kitchens, hallways, foyers, business lobbies, executive suites, and boardrooms.

The tiles represent a breakthrough in longevity due to placement of the image on the back-side of the tile. This protects the image from wearing away due to foot traffic.

The tiles can also be used for back-lit walls, wall murals, countertop installations, and swimming pools.

Individual Bison glass floor tiles feature a textured finish and are ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) compliant.

You can expect the Elso quality standards with every glass tile printed.

Custom Printed Glass Tiles are printed to order with your image and/or text.

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