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Personalized coffee mugs, where did it all began? Quite frankly, there doesn't seem to be much history on the “mug”, so I can only talk about what I have  seen and remember about personalized coffee mugs from years gone by.

Seems we all remember the only place to find photo mugs was around the malls  during the holiday season. Of course I am talking back in the ‘80s and or earlier where the print quality, fair at best, had a rather short life expectancy.

As the quality evolved through the ‘90s I remember seeing the migration of photo gifts being picked up by photo developing services.

It was around 1995 when Elso Graphics was born and moved into the photo gift arena, initially offering only custom printed  coffee mugs and mouse pads. It is for this reason we label our 11oz  standard “Elso Mug” as our “Signature Mug”, because this is  were it all began and this is what we're known for.
To the best of my knowledge, Elso Graphics was one of, if not the first, to offer personalize volume print service for our mugs.

Imagine, you are having a gathering (for any reason) and you want to present a coffee mug for the event to each of the attenders, we can take it one step further and individually personalize each mug with the person’s name or whatever else the  imagination can conjure up. Best part is our personalizing coffee  mugs is done usually at no extra charge.

Whether you are just looking for that “one” special mug printed with your own words (which can also be in your own hand) and photo or 500 individually personalized coffee cups, Elso Graphics has been custom printing coffee mugs for over 20 years, yet small enough to always provide “Personalized Service for a Personalized Gift”
Personalized Beer Mugs
We present to you, “The Photo Beer Stein”.  The  word “Stein” is a shortened form of the German word Steinzeugkrug which basically means stoneware jug or tankard. 22oz photo SteinsIn today’s world stein has come to mean any beer container, regardless  of size. Some may agree that our custom printed steins would be more technically appropriate if we called them Personalized Tankards instead. This is because traditionally steins would have a hinged lid. Since our steins do not have the hinged lids they would be beer tankards.

Since  the Beer Tankards or Beer Mugs don’t have lids, beer mats came 22oz custom printed tankardinto  play which was the initial purpose of the “coaster”. Instead of  the coaster going under the beer mug, it was placed on top. The beer  mats served the same purpose to tankards as the lid did for the beer  stein, which was to keep bugs and other foreign object from crawling  or falling into your beer.

16oz personalized beer steinOur  custom printed beer steins and tankards have become a popular part of several Pubs and Taverns who started a “Mug Club”. Some Pubs have invested in our steins printed with their logo/design and offer their customers the option to purchase one that would be personalized. I have one Tavern who has us print their logo on one side and totally custom print with whatever their customer wants on the reverse side. They then set 2 price options. One price if the stein remains at the tavern for the customer to use with each visit (builds customer loyalty) and a different price if the customer wants to take it home. If you have an idea of how to use our steins to boost your own customer loyalty, please drop us a line, we are very 28 oz personalized beer mugflexible to assist in created a custom program that can suit  your vision.

Of course a Photo Beer Stein always makes a great gift for most any reason, we will even help assemble your ideas, even with text. So if you are not a graphics/photo/design guru, no problem, all you need is your imagination and ideas, we will do the rest. Best part, we offer this service within reason at no extra cost. Give us a shout via e-mail with your ideas.