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º Deco Photo Mugs
º Beer Steins
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Elso Graphics, home of the original "Elso coffee cups". We have been printing personalized Photo mugs since 1996, and have a customer base that stretches around the world. We are so confidant with our printed ceramic custom coffee & beer mugs that every ceramic coffee cup has a life time guarantee on the images printed against fading.

Whether you are looking for a single custom printed beer stein or custom printed Photo mugs for a special gift or looking for any volume to satisfy a family reunion, birthday party, business promotion or any other occasion, Elso Graphics can help. Our pricing for single photo mugs is competitive and we offer deep discounts for any volume orders. Our discounts begin with as few as 12 like printed coffee photo mugs.

Personalizing a Photo mug or beer mug doesn't have to be restricted only to a person's name, but can include other personalized text. For example, if you are with a sport club like a dart or bowling league, you have the team member's name printed along with their score or point average or any other text that would make this even more personable.

º Deco Photo Mugs
º Beer Steins
º Morph Photo Mug
º Org. Elso Photo Mug
º Stainless Travel Mug
º Coffee Coasters

Personalize Volume Photo mugs Free

If you are having an event, promotion or other gathering and you know the people's names that will receive a coffee mug, then we offer volume prints with as many lines of variable text as needed at no extra cost (regardless of the number of personalized coffee Photo mugs ordered). -----> Click Here to Learn More

Image Preparation Details:

Your final print can be no better then the image quality used. If you are using a digital camera, simply use the "best quality" settings on your camera. This setting will make the largest possible photo from your camera. Most digital cameras will save your images in JPG format by default. Simply upload your original photo(s) right from your camera. Please do not crop or resize your photos. If you are scanning photos, do not allow your image resolution to drop below 96dpi. We recommend 300dpi or higher especially for large prints such as for t-shirts or other items where your photos will be enlarged. Our image uploader will allow file sizes as large as 6 megs for our photo mugs and other Personalized Mugs.

Advance users: If you are a graphic enthusiast or professional, TIF format would be the preferred image format.

Please note: Your uploaded JPG image will be displayed on the order page and in your shopping cart. TIF images or ZIPPED files will show as an icon.

We will always allow you to preview custom designs
before we print

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