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Create Your Personalized Mouse Pad Today

Get a personalized mouse  pad that reflects your personality.

Mouse pad is the thing  we use regularly. We interact with mouse pads in our offices and our homes  daily.
  However, these mouse  pads can be somewhat bland to look at. Usually, the mouse pads have dull  colors, which can affect your mood adversely.
  What you need is a  personalized mouse pad.
  Such a mouse pad will be  custom-printed with your requirements in mind.
  If you have a photo that  you want on the mouse pad, you can get it on there. Or if you want a personal  mouse pad with a specific color, you can get that too.
Basically, a  personalized mouse pad will not only have a personal touch in it, but it will  also add some fun to your daily routine. This pad will make your work a little  less boring than before and add a smile to your face whenever you see it.

As a Birthday Gift
  Besides adding fun to  your daily routine, a personalized mouse pad can be used as a great birthday  gift too.
We can add the photo of  the birthday-person to the mouse pad. Or you could choose a specific color for  the mouse pad that you think will be best for the person. This gift will have  an added sentimental value because of the personal touch in it.

Personalized Mouse Pad  Shapes
  At Elso Graphics, we  know the importance of having a personal touch in things we do. That’s why  we’re also providing custom shapes for your mouse pads.
  You can get rid of those  dull rectangular or square shapes for a better and more personal shape that you  want. You can choose from hearts, footballs, houses, and more shapes for your  mouse pad.

Mouse Pad for Brand  Consistency
  If you own a business  and want to add consistency to your brand, we’ve got you covered.
  We can use your logo to  give branding consistency to your business. All we need to start the creation  process are your elements or ready-to-print design options.
  You can also create a  personalized mouse pad with an ergonomic design if you or someone you know is  prolific at their computer. That means you can have a product that offers  comfort and style!
    Robust and Long Lasting  Personalized Mouse Pad
  The final product you  receive goes through the same dye sublimation process that our team utilizes  for every ceramic print to create permanent results. That means the risks of cracking,  peeling, or fading with your personalized mouse pad are entirely eliminated.  Each personalized mouse pad carries the exclusive Elso Graphics lifetime  guarantee against fading issues.

Personalize as many  Mouse Pads as you want
  At Elso Graphics, we’re  providing an affordable way to get a personalized mouse pad without any hassle.
So let us personalize  your next mouse pad, whether you need one or hundreds. We will even personalize  individual mouse pads in a big order at no extra cost.

Contact us today with  any questions you might have. And get your own mouse pad today.

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Custom Printed Mouse Pads!

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