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How to Personalize 50 Pieces
Whether it's a corporate gift, family reunion or any occasion, personalizing individual "Elso Products" in a volume print run is an unique service offered by Elso Graphics. The process is quite simple to follow in compiling your list of names or other variable text.    
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Personalize Mugs from Excel or Other Spreadsheet

A couple of terms you need to understand, columns & rows. Columns go up and down, think of a column you would see out side a big building. They may have several columns holding up a roof at the entry way. Spreadsheet
exampleColumns go up and down. Rows go left to right. In a spreadsheet, such as Excel, each column is labeled at the top with a letter (A, B, C..etc) and each row is labeled with a number at the beginning of each row (down the left). Here we have entered 5 names to illustrate how your names should appear. Once you have entered all of your variables, send us your file (most cases we can use your Excel or other format) or to be able to submit it right with your order you can "Save As" (not just "Save") and choose either "txt" or "csv" file type. (either one will work). Upload or send us a copy of your txt or csv file and we will take from there. This same concept would apply if you are using a database. You would export fields/data to a delimiter txt file.

If you already have your names in a spreadsheet or database then then you just need to understand how to save as or export your names to a text file or simple spreadsheet. All databases and spreadsheets should have the ability to generate a CSV file. If you are unsure about this then simply search the help sections of your spreadsheet or database using the term "CSV".

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