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The Elso Policy

Straight and simple. Any and all information we may collect from you is protected in a non accessible area of our site and will never be shown, given, sold or otherwise shared with anybody. We will never collect any information from you without asking first. No credit card or other sensitive data is ever stored or passed from Elso Graphics. We use PayPal as our credit card processing center. You will be on PayPal's secure server with any and all credit card transactions.

The Elso Copyright Protection Policy:
We at Elso Graphics stand firm in strict compliance with Copyright laws.
What does this mean for our customers?
We have full right to deny the printing of any image that we feel would be in violation of any copyright laws. All images for print submitted to Elso Graphics by our customers are considered copyright material owned either by our customer or by a third party. In such even that an image would be owned by a third party, we would require permission, in writing by the third party allowing us to reproduce for the sole purpose of our customer’s purpose. Examples of third party copyright images would include the obvious of sport logos or company trademarks, but also include the less obvious of images pulled from any web site. If there is ever any question about copyright ownership of images submitted for print, we will assume the image is protected and will not print until verification of ownership can be established.

All copyright laws also apply to any customer submitted image free from third party ownership in that the customer can be ensured their submitted design will never be made available in any form to anyone except the assumed owner of the image. Elso Graphics does however retain copies of all prints on file for the sole purpose of reprints requested by the assumed owner. Elso Graphics will remove and delete all prints for any customer in our system upon request of the assumed owner. Occasionally, we may request permission from our customer to allow us to display their image on a particular product for display purpose only. It is our customer’s choice to allow or deny us the requested permission or to set forth additional conditions for us to use their image. These conditions may be a simple copyright acknowledgement or could be to include a web site links back to the owner’s web site. In any event, Elso Graphics will remain in strict compliance with all copyright laws.

Occasionally, a customer may request a written document addressed to them and signed by us ensuring the protection of their submitted image. In such cases, it is customary and the customer’s responsibility to supply us with such documents to sign and return.
Elso Graphics stride it to bring you some of the finest quality custom imprinted products available. Our #1 objective is customer service. We take our Internet based portion of our business very seriously as our Internet presents accounts for more then 75% of our overall sales. We feel that we have constructed one of the most flexible ordering systems on the Internet for custom & personalized products. We do not outsource any portions of Elso Graphics, 100% of all printing is done in-house as well as our web site administration. Whether you are contacting about a project or about our web site, you can be assured you are in direct contact with Elso Graphic. Our business focus has always been and will always be on Quality, not Quantity. Our web site is tailored to to meet both the single purchase customer and resellers alike. We require no minimums to orders but our pricing is deeply discounted for higher volumes and if you are a reseller, you would qualify for even more discounts of up to an additional 15%.

How Our Ordering System Works: 
Our ordering system is more then your typical shopping cart. At first glance it may seem quite involved but when requesting a custom design we needed to build a system that would not only add our products to your order, but also add your custom text, images and other personal details to your shopping cart as well. Our ordering system will also act as an estimator. If you are only looking for a written estimate, simply follow the ordering process, but you need not upload any image files, just select the appropriate options, and upon checkout, there will be an estimate option that will include real time UPS shipping cost as well. You can upload your images right to your shopping cart as well as a names list to individually personalize orders of 12 or more products.
How We Handle Custom Print Request: 
We never want to print a custom layout without your approval first. Our ordering system will collect all of the pieces for your print (text, photos, etc.) but then a real person will need to assemble your layout per your specs. We will quite often have some ideas for a layout as well to enhance the picture you have in mind. As part of the Elso Service. We will assemble your print and send it to you to proof our work before we print. Once you approve and give us the go-ahead all sales will be final. Prior your approval you may cancel your order at any time for a full refund if you are prepaid.
Payment & Refund Policy: 
We accept all forms of electronic payment (credit cards, eChecks, etc) via PayPal or check/money order via normal mail. All electronic funds processed through PayPal will remain in PayPal until your final approval. Should you cancel prior to approval, we will immediately initiate a refund via PayPal. If you opt to pay by check or money order, you may send your payment prior your approval, which we will hold, un-deposited until you approve your print layout. You may also choose to retain your check or money and send it after you approve. This, however, may detain the production of your order while we await your payment. Although you are under no obligation to complete a proposed project, we will not schedule or begin the printing process until your payment has been received. Generally it takes about 5 business days to schedule a print. If you are prepaid, then you will have a tentative print date on our scheduled at the beginning of your layout reducing our in-house production time.

We normally use UPS to handle all shipments, although for single/small orders we use USPS because they will normally deliver faster to a residential destination then UPS and for about the same cost. Our shopping cart ties directly into UPS to provide you with "Real-Time" shipping cost. In the event that your shipping address is an APO or other military then we would need to ship via USPS. UPS does not ship to APO/FPO addresses. If you are a military customer ordering to an APO/FPO location then you can complete your on-line order to submit all the pieces for your print, but DO NOT finalize your order on-line through through PayPal from our store, instead, choose estimate or pay be check to complete your order. We can quite often provide APO/FPO customers even better shipping rates since both the USPS and us at Elso Graphics offer special discounts for any military mail. Military customers will need to contact us when placing an order so we can provide you wish the special shipping rates and payment options.

All orders are shipped FOB New Hampshire. What this means is you are doing business in New Hampshire rather then us doing business in your state and New Hampshire has no sales tax. This also means that once your order leaves our hands, you assume ownership at that point. All orders are shipped fully insured in the event something happens to your order while in transit. In the event a package arrives to you damaged, it is your responsibility to take pictures of the damaged box before opening. UPS will require evidence of in-transit damage before they will process any claims.

The Elso Guarantee: 
All products we sell are guaranteed against material defect. This includes a life time guarantee against fading on all of our ceramic & fabric products under normal use or approved application. In the event that any of our ceramic products ever fade, you are entitled to a free replacement upon returning the defective ceramic product. This guarantee is void if the product has been defaced or otherwise used for any purpose other then it's approved designed purpose. This guarantee also does not cover breakage. If you drop a ceramic coffee mug it probably break. Some product may be accompanied with special care or handling instructions. Failure to comply to special handling when noted will also void any warranty. Our guarantee is extended to any recipients of an Elso ceramic product, not just the original purchaser. See our Product registration page for more details.
Qualifying Reseller:
If you are a photographer, own a photo development service, artist or other designer and wish to sell your work printed on our product then you would qualify to become a reseller. Please create an account and select this option during the registration process.
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