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Welcome to the Elso Product Guarantee
Most of our custom printed items carry our exclusive life time guarantee on the prints under normal use. Quite often the person that receives our product is not the original purchaser, so if the recipient of our product should receive a item covered by our guarantee and needs to receive a replacement, we would need to know the original purchaser's name to locate your print files for reproduction.

The Elso Guarantee: (terms and conditions)
We use the highest quality materials available in the production of our products, but even the highest standards can fail although very rare. We have been in business since the mid 1990's and to date, we have replace very few products (less then 6 items have failed) Failed prints are normally due to flaw originating from the manufacture of the raw materials used.

Our guarantee, simply stated:
Should the printed image on any of our covered products ever fade or deteriorate in any way under normal use, then we will replace it free of charge.

What is considered "normal" use?
Normal use would be like, if you have an Elso Mug and you use it daily for drinking from, wash it in your dishwasher, use it in the microwave, or it just sits on display inside. This is all normal use of a mug.

What is considered as NOT "normal" use?
Using a mug as a planter or as a storage container in the garage would not be "normal" Allowing your printed item to be exposed to continual UV rays from the sun like riding around in your car for months on end being exposed to constant direct sunlight amplified by the windows. Our products are UV resistant but anything with color will fade over time under these conditions and our products would be no exception to this extreme exposure. Using any caustic chemicals (paint thinner, oven cleaner or anything else one would normally ware gloves when handling) will void this guarantee. Use of any abrasives on the printed surface will also remove the protective finish and void this guarantee. Finally, if the covered product is ceramic or another breakable material, if it gets broken, this also voids the guarantee.

How to file a claim:
Initial step would be to contact us using any of the contact forms throughout our site and provide as much detail as possible so we can locate the oringial order and validate that it is one of our products. Then you would simply return the item to us which we will provide additional details when you contact us. We do need the failed prints returned so we can verify the condition to be ensured the failed print is not the result of misuse.

For your own protection, it would be recommended to take a picture of the failed print and item before sending. It is possible something like a mug could get broken while in transit. Should we receive a broken ceramic item this would automatically void our guarantee unless you have a supporting photo showing the failed print on an unbroken product. We have no use for previously printed items so if something gets broken while in transit, it really doesn't matter, we only need to verify it left your hands unbroken.

How will we know the cause of a failed print?
We will have final say in determining if our guarantee will be honored or void. There are many tell tail signs of the cause of failure not visible to the eye. We will test and examine the failed print very closely and carefully. Unless our findings denote without question misuse then we will favor the customer and send a replacement. In other words, if after examining the failed print there is any questions in our minds then we will replace the item under our guarantee

Our Business Ethics:
The purpose of our inspection policy is to protect ourselves from abuse, not to find reason to place the customer at fault. Since our business ethics have always been and will always be, customer service our #1 top priority, we would rather honor our guarantee (due to questions in our mind) on items that rightly should not be, then to take chance of denying our guarantee to any legitimate failed print.

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