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Personalized Creations

Personalized Creations

Personalized Photo Mugs

Elso Graphics personalized creations, home of the original "Elso photo mugs".  We have been printing personalized  Photo mugs since 1996, and have a customer base that stretches around the  world. We are so confidant with our custom printed coffee mugs &  beer mugs that every ceramic coffee cup has a life time guarantee on the images  printed against fading.

Seems we all remember the only place to find photo cups was  around the malls during the holiday season. Of course I am talking back in  the ‘80s and or earlier where the print quality, fair at best, had a rather  short life expectancy.
  Photo mugs and more
  Whether you are looking for a single custom printed beer stein or custom printed Photo mugs for a  special gift or looking for any volume to satisfy a family reunion, birthday  party, business promotion or any other occasion, Elso Graphics can help. Our  pricing for a single coffee cup is competitive and we offer deep discounts for  any volume orders. Our discounts begin with as few as 12 like printed coffee  custom printed mugs.
  Personalizing a Photo mug or beer mug doesn't have to be restricted only to a  person's name, but can include other personalized text. For example, if you are  with a sport club like a dart or bowling league, you have the team member's  name printed along with their score or point average or any other text that  would make this even more personable. Whether it be a single custom printed mug  or 500 personalized mugs for your employees, remember Elso Graphics. To the  best of my knowledge, Elso Graphics was one of, if not the first, to offer  personalize volume print service for our mugs and we now offer this service at  no extra cost!

What does this all mean for you? Imagine you have a company of  200 employees or are throwing a family reunion with 50 family members. You can  now have a common image printed such as your company logo or a family crest  printed on each coffee mug or beer stein and then have different text, whether  it be a person’s name or perhaps a personal saying, printed on each mug or beer  stein. All this at no extra cost, no set-up fees or anything. All we ask is  that you follow our simple directions for entering the text parts into a  spreadsheet such as Excel. Check out the “How To’s” section from the menu bar  above for more details on personalizing any number of volume printed coffee  mugs or beer steins. Of course if you have any questions, we are here with a  real human to assist and answer your questions. Our moto has always been “personalized  service for personalized printing”.

Custom Printed Mousepad
A personalized mouse pad is an affordable way to customize your office space at home or work. It can be a fun gift for birthdays and holidays with your photos, custom images, or text. We can even use your logo to create corporate swag and branding consistency. All we need to start the creation process are your elements or ready-to-print design options.personalized mouse pad

You can also create a personalized mouse pad with an ergonomic design if you or someone you know is prolific at their computer. That  means you can have a product that offers comfort and style!

Here at Elso Graphics, we can provide unique shapes for your  custom mouse pads that go beyond the standard squares and rectangles. Choose  from hearts, footballs, houses, and more.

The final product you receive goes through the same dye  sublimation process that our team utilizes for every ceramic print to create  permanent results. That means the risks of cracking, peeling, or fading with  your personalized mouse pad are completely eliminated. Each custom product carries the  exclusive Elso Graphics lifetime guarantee against fading issues as well.

Let us personalize your next mouse pad whether you have one  item to make or hundreds more. We will even personalize individual mouse pads  in a volume print run at no extra cost, regardless of the number of orders.  Contact us today with any questions you might have or to get your order started  right away.


Custom Printed Tiles for murals and more

The usages for photo tiles are almost endless. We carry a wide variety of tiles, finishes, shapes and sizes.

Whether you want to create a large mural for a wall or floor, or just a single tile to be framed as a memorable keepsake, Elso Graphics has the perfect tile for your application.

Glow tile display
  • Home Decor
  • Bathroom Showers
  • Kitchen BackSpash
  • Glass Tile Floor Murals
  • Coffee Coasters
    Custom Printed Tiles

Our benchmark Elso Quality that gave us our unbeatable reputation with our original signature “Elso Mug” is now available in our ceramic and porcelain tile line.

Be sure to see our Accessory section for many more ideas for the usage of custom printed tiles.

There are never any minimums to order

glass floor tile display


There are a wide variety of tiles available today for sublimation. Thanks to the continuing efforts of companies like US Photo Coatings, specialty coatings have been developed to enable us not only to sublimate white ceramic tiles in either a gloss or matte finish, but now we are imaging tumbled stone, porcelains, mosaics and most recently, glass.

When selecting a tile body for a particular application, keep in mind that not all tiles will work in all applications. For example, I would never use a glossy coated tile in a water application such as in a bathroom or kitchen. Glossy tiles are prone to scratching and will not hold up under heavy or constant cleaning. I primarily use a glossy tile for framed art, tile boxes or simply as a display mural that will not be grouted and will be placed high on a wall.

Here is a brief description of optional tile choices:

Glossy Finish: Provides a brilliant canvas for best artwork and photo reproduction. However, it is susceptible to scratches and not recommended for surfaces which require frequent cleaning.

Satin Hard Coat/Matte Finish: Provides a custom tile mural that is highly resilient and scratch resistant. This tile is recommended for vivid photo reproduction that can be used in showers, and backsplash applications.

Satin Porcelain: An off-white tile that generates a more muted or artistic color reproduction. Recommended for all water applications and outdoor use where freeze/thaw is an issue.

Tumbled Stone: A flat stone finish that presents any art or image in an old-world fashion. Tumbled stone must be sealed if used in a water application.

Glass: Glass offers such diversity in its use. The glass is imaged on the backside so durability is not an issue. The coating on the backside is waterproof so it can be used in swimming pools. The surface texture has been tested for commercial floor applications and passed. These new glass tiles can be used anywhere! Showers, countertops, walls, floors, inside, outside, and we are even using them in framed murals and boxes which gives some artwork an incredible effect.
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Parts of our For the House section are still under construction, but feel free to browse the various sections.
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