Rustic Decor with Custom Printed Tumbled Stone Tile for Murals Counter Tops and More

Custom Print ~ Tumbled Stone Tiles

A flat stone finish that presents any art or image in an old-world fashion. The tiles are very porous and must be sealed if used in water applications such as showers or kitchen backsplash. Each tile is individually cut, causing some variation in color and texture. You may find chipped edges and corners missing on various tiles, so when ordering a mural, we will inspect all tiles and ensure any chips will be at the outer edge of your mural. These imperfections add to the rustic beauty of these tumbled stone tiles. Rustic decor tile murals can be installed on a wall, on your ceiling, as a counter top or any other area your imagination will take you. You can expect the Elso quality standards with every tile printed. If you are looking for a tile floor mural, then you will want to see our line of glass floor tiles. This Tumbled stone tile is not designed for floor use where there is to be any traffic.

Custom Stone Tiles are printed to order with your image and/or text.


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Personalize Volume Tiles ~ Any Quantity
No Added Charge

If you are having an event, promotion or other gathering and you know the people's names that will receive a tile, then we offer volume prints with as many lines of variable text as needed for no extra charge.(regardless of the number of personalized Tiles ordered). -----> Click Here to Learn More

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