Doesn’t The Mug Club sound cool? Guess what? What we are bringing in store for you is as cool as the name itself! Our basic concept is that you as a business owner/manager get to create your Personalized beer stein clubown “Mug Club” to gain and retain customer loyalty at its best. 

Now, doesn’t all of this sound exciting? This should sound intriguing to any business manager,  that they could build and retain customer loyalty with such a PR program at as low as no cost!  Allow us to elaborate further on the entire concept of possessing your own “Mug Club”

How will this Program be suitable for my business?

Mug Club FunLet’s begin with the final picture itself. You’ll have loyal customers returning and feeling welcomed as they will be served in their personalized steins. The stein will have your logo or name designed and printed on one side while the other side would be for your customers to design anything of their choice, or you may which to simply include your customer’s name within or as part of your personalized beer mug design, the choice is yours and we are here to assist every step along the way.

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How will the Mug Club Program execute?

Be seen with your own mug clubConsidering the fact that the Steins will be personalized by or for your customers, it would be reasonable to pass some or all of the cost of your personalized beer steins on to the individual customer. Charging the customer full price would justify letting them take their personalized stein home where it will inevitably be shown off as will your pub. Some small pubs that are capable of attracting a small group of their customers might decide to use this program as a no cost feature of their pub and absorb the entire cost of it themselves. Some Pubs can even offer some incentives to bring your mugs, for a special discount or a special mug club price.

Common FAQs

How will I as a business owner or my customer order our mugs?

  • We will have a special order page set up exclusively for your mugs where all the personalized details could be assembled within the designated area created with your custom mug design..

  • All mugs can be ordered from this same page. If you are personalizing the beer steins with text only (i.e. Name, favorite saying or whatever) and will be ordering multiple personalized beer mugs at a time, (as many of our current mug club customers do) then we have a very simple, slick method for handing these. Curious? drop us an email with your ideas and we will show you one-on-one how simple it is.

  • If you have a web site, we will send you a special affiliate link to post on your site. Any resulting sales through the special link you earn 4% commission for sending your customer to our page. Simple, isn’t it? Yes, you can even use the link for your mug club steins and collect the 4% kickback! It’s a Win-Win situation for everyone.  

  • How can I as a Pub Owner or Manager monitor what my customers order or get printed?

    It’s a concerning yet great question! In our opinion it would be best and beneficial if only designated people get access to your page to order their mugs. What’s in it for you? The benefit you Be seen with your own mug clubget out of this is that you decide what type of personalizing the Stein will have, whether it will be a photo, user supplied design or just a text. And once you decide this, we will assist you in creating a “fill in the blank” template so that all mugs would be uniformly similar. Your design plate can not be modified by the customer or anyone using the special page. If you do decide to allow your customers access to design and order at will, then it would be recommended to write some guide lines to what sort of stuff can or can not be printed. Anything that we would find questionable we would contact you, the bar owner/manager for approval before we print.

    Can I benefit from both the Affiliate Program as well as having limited access to our mug designing page?

    It’s simpler than you can expect it to be. Basically, only you or an authorized person can handle the Stein order session on our site. Thus, in this system, your page will be inaccessible by anyone other than those you choose to administer and manage it. Once done, you can place your affiliate link on your web site where your customers can order the same styled Steins among the several other steins and mugs to have them printed however they want. There’s no need for you to be bothered as our system will keep track of all the sales generated from your web site. 

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