We at Elso Graphics stand firm in strict compliance with Copyright laws.

What does this mean for our customers?

    We have full right to deny the printing of any image that we feel would be in violation of any copyright laws. All images for print submitted to Elso Graphics by our customers are considered copyright material owned either by our customer or by a third party. In such event that an image would be owned by a third party, we would require permission, in writing by the third party allowing us to reproduce for the sole purpose of our customer’s purpose.

    Examples of third party copyright images would include the obvious of sport logos or company trademarks, but also include the less obvious of images pulled from any web site. If there is ever any question about copyright ownership of images submitted for print, we will assume the image is protected and will not print until verification of ownership can be established.

     All copyright laws also apply to any customer submitted image free from third party ownership in that the customer can be ensured their submitted design will never be made available in any form to anyone except the assumed owner of the image.

    Elso Graphics does however retain copies of all prints on file for the sole purpose of reprints requested by the assumed owner. Elso Graphics will remove and delete all prints for any customer in our system upon request of the assumed owner. Occasionally, we may request permission from our customer to allow us to display their image on a particular product for display purpose only. It is our customer’s choice to allow or deny us the requested permission or to set forth additional conditions for us to use their image. These conditions may be a simple copyright acknowledgement or could be to include a web site links back to the owner’s web site. In any event, Elso Graphics will remain in strict compliance with all copyright laws.

    Occasionally, a customer may request a written document addressed to them and signed by us ensuring the protection of their submitted image. In such cases, it is customary and the customer’s responsibility to supply us with such documents to sign and return.